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Old man can not fight, children can not fight, women can not fight, the man to die.


Men think, women want to open, natural world peace。


The regrets have occurred, and the neglect of the present, the worry that the source of the heart is not.


Sailing, not hanging on the mast, is a useless piece of cloth; mast, don't hang up the sails is a normal column; ideal and action is illusory fog; action, but not ideal, is acts walk not at the end of the road。


The man is the day, the woman is the ground, the ground Ning, the genius can be clear.


To beat yourself is the most pathetic defeat, to beat yourself is the most valuable victory. Each person is doomed to experience the suffering and suffering of a failure and the pain of the trip, but as long as the experience, even failure, it will not be useless. A man can fail, but not be knocked down..


My money is dirt, my Dad see me as a septic tank.


The raining night, alone, in the way we were walking hand in hand, could not find the feeling of happiness, there is no cheerful laughter, there is no continuous sentiment language, only laugh at the wind and rain cries,


Get up every morning to read Forbes millionaire list, if there is no my name, I go to work。


Since the break-up, so henceforth, I greet you, friends using only the tone or slightly more intense trace; I hold your hand, hand courtesy of time, or slightly longer things you try hard to forget are already gone。


Son can appropriate play, or not show me the majesty, so is Taiwan。


What is happiness? Happiness is a cat fish, dog meat, a small monster Ultraman!


The fairy tale is over, forgotten is happiness.


The melody of life is a dangerous situation in the struggle in the gorgeous melody of life, is in high endeavor in the tempestuous waves。 Dream is the seed, we can brandish sharp wings in the fertile life on planting the promise of spring。


I love you, will never die.


There's no one who can knock you down, just stand the word for your faith.


I from the sword to laugh, laugh and I went to bed。


Forgive, but will regret quietly buried; forget, is the most profound and thorough tolerance.


Sad sometimes is a kind of power, sometimes is a relief, sometimes refuse to realize one's error is a temper.


There was a woman who wanted to change me, and she ended up trying to spare me the part, but I didn't pretend to be with me..


Good man will not let the beloved woman by a little injury, never like the wind in the middle of the night wandering, a good man will not let waiting lover heart more and more hurt and lonely single invisible happiness back direction.


Heart is to give people with a knife to stab himself.


If you have a shadow in front of you, it's because you have sunshine behind you..


The most valuable thing is not the material you have, but the person who is with you。。 Can't force others to love themselves, can only try to make themselves worthy of love, the rest of the rest by fate。


Two personal identity gap is not related, the status gap is also not related, but the most important, the soul can not have the gap. As long as two people's lifestyles and values are close, you can live completely and seamlessly.. But if your life and values are totally different, then you are the one in two worlds.. Love at all times, but life can only in a world. Not match, do not match.


No matter when you start, it's important not to stop at the beginning。 No matter when it's over, the important is not to regret after the end。。


The balance of love and money can lose the balance of happiness..


Maybe I was too sensitive, will Big deal, but at least that means I still care. You may not get hurt, I will not let myself out awkward, but you don't realize that love. You are not winning, is lonely. Maybe, I did a lot of stupid things, but I know that I will find the right person more quickly than you..


The significance of labor is not only in the pursuit of performance, but also to improve the human mind。


To live for happiness, and happiness, is our pursuit, we advocate such a life, in the life of the journey we seek, chasing. Yearning, struggling, but happiness is actually around us.


There is no quarrel in the world, only the soul, there is no one who can't get angry in life, only the heart of forgiveness. The sentiment is not the game, who also can not hurt; the heart is not the steel, who also can not hurt. Good luck, with is true feelings, to genuinely and sincerely; is never abandon.


Is the whole world egg United can break the stone?! So be a man or a reality。。。


Pour a world gentle, only for the beauty of a smile.


Some things happen to be impossible to forget, even forget, it is only temporary can not remember。


Before you, my world is black and white, after meeting you, wow, black。


God, you let summer and winter building? Give birth to this ghost weather!


There is a person, teach you how to love, but, he did not love.


Don't look down upon anyone, the more humble person. Often do something unexpected..


Life is a game, you encounter obstacles is a variety of levels, so, let us enjoy the Raiders!


I have nothing left to cry..


Sink the heart already know where reduced, you don't know。


I long very good-looking, you have the patience to see.

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